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IPC APEX EXPO Programs Highlight Technology and Innovation

No matter where you are in the global electronics supply chain, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “I need it now.” In this fast-moving, ever-evolving industry, we hear that a lot. What drives what happens now? A critical combination of the latest technology and knowledge, which is what you’ll find at IPC APEX EXPO 2015. Starting with the opening keynote with Robbie Bach, former president of entertainment and devices at Microsoft and Xbox visionary, you’ll learn about the triumph of a strategic process that brought together a disparate group of talented individuals who applied entrepreneurship to build a successful consumer business within the »»

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Panelization

The purpose of panelization is to secure PCB boards during manufacturing, shipping and assembly processes while making their separation as painless as possible. Panelization can be as simple as a rectangular board tab routed with a 100mil (0.100”) space between PCB boards and a 500mil (0.50”) border on four edges. Or, it can be as complex as a panel filled with combination jump v-score / routed rounded polygons. Some guidelines for panelization are simple for example with routed panels: If the PCB is rectangular and all sides have a length greater than 1.00”, add 100 mil between PCBs and a 400 mil border »»

Buying PCB boards with Bitcoin

Over a year ago we started hearing about a strange digital crypto-currency that could be easily exchanged through the Internet. We paid no attention at the time, expecting it would be just another transient Internet fad. But it hasn't faded away. It resurfaced for us during a recent brainstorming session (not my idea) which resulted in many awkward concepts, not to be disclosed here, even though “no idea is a bad idea” except clearly when it is… As a result, we decided to take a closer look at Bitcoin. It turned out Bitcoin can indeed be more than just a remedy for »»