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Buying PCB boards with Bitcoin

Over a year ago we started hearing about a strange digital crypto-currency that could be easily exchanged through the Internet. We paid no attention at the time, expecting it would be just another transient Internet fad. But it hasn't faded away. It resurfaced for us during a recent brainstorming session (not my idea) which resulted in many awkward concepts, not to be disclosed here, even though “no idea is a bad idea” except clearly when it is… As a result, we decided to take a closer look at Bitcoin. It turned out Bitcoin can indeed be more than just a remedy for »»

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Working with Duroid laminates

If you have ever driven in the winter and suddenly lost control for no reason, you probably experienced black ice. The road looks perfectly normal but all the driving skills you learned over the years and the advice you have been given, doesn’t matter much as you slide across the highway out of control. It may be viewed as a dramatic comparison but working with Duroid is a little like driving on black ice. When beginning work with a new material, you try to do as much research and get as much advice as possible. You download the manufacturers documentation and talk »»

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Odd Layer PCB Boards

Our cookbook of PCB recipes includes an assortment of odd layer PCBs. About 8% of PCB boards we are asked to produce are comprised of an odd number of layers. But unless you have a specific requirement, it is usually best to design a multilayer board with an even number of layers. Reducing an even layered board by one layer may seem like a cost-saving move, but from a PCB perspective it is not. It may actually increase the cost as well as lead-time and leave you with a warped PCB board which may not meet your expectations. Let's look at »»