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David Fish

David Fish

Results-oriented operations manager with successful experience in business, technical process engineering and improvement, and program, project and staff management. Experienced leader with a track record of growing margins, profits and market share. Additional strengths include problem solving, decision-making, planning and follow-through.

Affiliation: SMTnet

New adhesive system makes a circuit board that is 90% recyclable

Three British companies have developed a system that means components can easily be separated by hot water Circuit boards are made with a thermoset of glass that isn’t easily recyclable. Photograph: Leah Borromeo Three British companies have developed a 90% … Continue reading


Recently, Bob Wettermann [BEST Inc, Rolling Meadows IL bwet@solder.net ] sent SMTnet a technical paper on paste printing [“Performance of Kapton Stencils vs Stainless Steel Stencils for Prototype Printing Volumes Processes“ ] that he and Hung Hoang {BESTInc ] wrote. … Continue reading

2013 SMTA Space Coast EXPO

  I attended the “3rd Bi-Annual SMTA Space Coast Chapter Vendor Expo & Technical Forum” the week before last.  Jack Reinke [at Kyzen] sent me this write-up that covered the event better that I could. Thanks Jack The SMTA Space … Continue reading

My Rants — Current List

These are my rants, sadly, a growing list. I’m unhappy that: Opening day of Major League Baseball [MLB] is no longer always played in Cincinnati. Baseball games take too long to play. Pitchers prance around on the mount scratching and … Continue reading

CERN Physicists See Higgs Boson in New Particle

By DENNIS OVERBYE Published: March 14, 2013 New York Times Physicists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, said Thursday that the new particle discovered with enormous fanfare last summer definitely looks like a Higgs boson, the particle famously … Continue reading