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My Rants — Current List

These are my rants, sadly, a growing list. I’m unhappy that: Opening day of Major League Baseball [MLB] is no longer always played in Cincinnati. Baseball games take too long to play. Pitchers prance around on the mount scratching and … Continue reading

ODB++ Solutions Alliance – First Anniversary Celebration

The ODB++ Solutions Alliance provides a forum for implementers and supporters of the ODB++ format to share their interest and success with others. ODB++ provides an intelligent, single data-structure for transferring PCB designs into fabrication, assembly and test. All the … Continue reading

IPC APEX 2013: My Tweets

#ipcshow Brownie style QFN are chopped in to individual components from a large sheet, making unsolderble copper on side of terminals. davef #ipcshow have tools, materls & process for ppl, handling side of ESD. Machine ESD damage not talked about. … Continue reading

IPC APEX 2013 – My Plans When Attending

At IPC APEX, here’s what I plan to do … Learn about and report on new product introductions. There are 250+ new products being introduced. I’ve gotten invites to the breakfast sessions where equipment companies pitch their products to the … Continue reading

IPC APEX 2013: New Products

IPC APEX EXPO®, February 19–21, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center, more than 400 exhibitors serving the electronics assembly, test and printed board industries will demonstrate their products. Companies introducing new products include: AIR-VAC Engineering Apex FA/Mirae Corporation ASC … Continue reading