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IPC APEX 2012 – Booth Babes & SWAG

The two things that interest guys at trade shows are Booth Babes & SWAG [Stuff We All Get, Souvenirs, Wearables And Gifts, Stuff We Are Given, etc].

On the first note, BOOTH BABES … I’m going to tread lightly here and maintain a modicum of PC. First, it’s not just engineers at electronics manufacturing expositions. My friend Lisa runs coffee concessions and sandwich shops. She attends food trade shows all the time with her husband Rudy. She sees the guys eating the food appetizers served by the booth babes, not even remembering the product being sold at the booth. All the while, the woman of the attendee team is madly taking notes on a clip board, largely oblivious to the booth babe.

Second, here’s the rule of thumb in our industry: The further you get from PC America, the racier booth babes become. We’re not talking Britain or Germany. They’re OK, but certainly not what you’d call racy. When talking racy, we’re talking China. We’re talking Singapore.

NEXT ON TO SWAG … First, the purpose of trade show SWAG is to be an item that a potential customer keeps and uses for some purpose. It could be a pen, a coffee cup, a squeeze ball. The most important aspect of this item is that it bears the logo or identification of the company that gives the SWAG. It ends-up being a continuing reminder of that company.

When I began thinking about SWAG, I knew I had to focus, because of the huge variety of items given away at a trade show. I chose bags. Early on, I’ll admit my focus was not perfect.

Here’s the bags that I rated as the top three bags of the IPC APEX 2012 Exhibition.

Number 1: Amistar Automation I-Pulse. This is a sturdy backpack [rucksack] with lots of the zippered pockets, mesh drink holders and adjustable straps. I’m keeping this one.

Number 2: Assembleon FLEX Smart Solutions messenger bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and a flap secured with hook-and-loop fastener. It’s gone. My wife Lucy took it for work.

Number 3: Seika’s open flapless messenger bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and water bottle pouches on each end. Jill from MWA uses hers all the time. I’ve got three ‘dibs’ on mine. So, we’ll have to raffle it off or something.

Humorable Mention: Kyzen’s Traditional Trade Show Bag. While there was lots of traditional bags given out at the show, Kyzen gets special recognition for providing thousands of bags for the attendees.

4 Responses to IPC APEX 2012 – Booth Babes & SWAG

  1. What, no Booth Babe pics?

  2. Hey, you’re just trying to get me in trouble.

  3. Follow-up on top three bags of the IPC APEX 2012 Exhibition:
    Bag #1, Amistar “sturdy”backpack: Took it on a cruise to Cozumel, loaded with photography magazines and a bottle of wine. The piece of plastic that provides for adjusting the length of the shoulder strap broke. The pack fell to the floor with a loud noise, but thankfully no wine leakage. Removed the cheap plastic adjuster thing, pushed the strap through a loop on the pack, tied appropriate Boy Scout knot, and pushed on.
    Bag #2, Assembleon messenger bag: My wife Lucy glombed on to it early on and is using it for work.
    Bag #3, Seika show bag: I raffled this on off. I just happened to pull my cousin Cheryl’s winning number in the raffle that had a bottle of Skyy attached. Cheryl Wins!!! Who wudda guessed that would happen?

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